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The Original Granite Bracket Hidden Granite Countertop Support Brackets

Hidden countertop supports

Hidden counter bracket

Pricing Starts At $26.95 Each

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Hidden Countertop Supports for granite are The Original Granite Bracket’s most popular granite bracket. Typical use is for raised bar tops or island counters where the granite extends more than 4” from the cabinet or wall.

Attach to the top of a framed wall, this concealed plate provides strong, unobtrusive support.  Better yet, once installed they are virtually invisible making your new granite appear to float.  Also, they won’t get in the way of your knees when you sit at your bar like traditional decorative or wooden corbels will.

The Original Granite Bracket makes their  Hidden Granite Brackets from ½” thick by 2 ½” wide American steel here is the USA.

To install, simply rout or chisel a 2 ½” wide by a ½” deep section at the top of your knee wall. This pocket allows the granite bracket to sit flush. Insert the granite bracket in the pocket and attach it to the knee wall with (4) screws through the pre-drilled holes in the bracket.

Hidden Granite Brackets are painted with an anti-rust black  paint. Need a different size, our custom fabrication shop can make any size granite bracket for you.  Just ask us.

Product Dimensions:

Length ……..…. 12″ (other lengths available)

Width …………. 2-½”

Thickness …..…. ½”


L Bracket Countertop Support

Countertop Support Front Mount Hidden Granite Bracket

Starts at $34.95 Each


Granite Support Brackets Hidden is for applications where a sturdy but inconspicuous bracket is desired. It is designed to be installed over a knee or pony wall or inside a cabinet reinforced with a 2×6. Bracket is sized in length tip to tip horizontally; therefore a 9-inch bracket is 9 inches’ tip to tip horizontally.

The Original Granite Bracket makes the L Bracket Hidden Granite Bracket from ½” thick by 2 ½” wide steel. Easy to install!

What size granite countertop support bracket will you need?

Remember a few things: Make allowance for the knee, pony wall, cabinet, etc. when figuring the length of countertop support. Also remember in to stay 2-3 inches from the outer edge.  

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