Kansas Select Support Brackets

No Longer Available

Kansas Select Support Brackets

Hand-crafted all steel construction. They are well-built structural elements of a sound design in pleasing proportion that are so attractive one might add them to the layout only for accent, ornament, or a splash of color.

8″D x 8″H x 1-3/4″W


$136.35 …   6″x6″

$143.65 …   7″x7″

$149.98 …   8″x8″

$155.98 …   9″x9″

$161.99 … 10″x10″

$175.19 … 12″x12″

$189.71 … 14″x14″

$205.68 … 18″x18″

$214.47 … 20″x20″

$223.25 … 22″x22″

Hidden granite supports

Hide your supports and spare your knees. Check out the full line of hidden granite countertop supports.  Several styles and surprisingly affordable.

The Original Granite Bracket

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