Hidden Granite Supports

Concealed countertop support

Starting at $39.95 Each

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Hidden L Bracket Granite Supports are for applications where a sturdy but inconspicuous bracket is desired.  This bracket MUST be used with a knee or pony wall or inside a cabinet reinforced with a 2×6.

Bracket measures 6″ (vertical) x You choose length (horizontal) x 2-1/2″ (wide)

The Original Granite Bracket makes Hidden L Granite Bracket from 1/2” thick by 2 ½” wide American steel right here in the USA.

There is a beveled “Safe Edge” on front edge of bracket.

For mounting inside a cabinet with no Knee or Pony Wall, The Hidden Island Support Bracket is the contractor bracket of choice

Kitchen Island Bracket for countertop support
Island support for kitchen countertops

Starting at $46.95 Each

This bracket is designed to attach to the inside of the front wall of the cabinet and will extend through the cabinet.

Constructed of heavy duty 1/2″ by 2-1/2″ wide American steel. This countertop bracket has a beveled “Safe Edge.”

Hidden Island Support Bracket Features: Virtually invisible, gives your Island the appearance of floating. Non-intrusive. No corbels needed. No knee knocking. Economical way to protect your countertop investment. Completely open space allowing room for chairs and legs. Easy to install. Screw hole on each side of the flange. Protected with premium anti-rust black paint Brackets can be painted with any anti rust spray paint. Made in the USA.

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