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Granite Care Products

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“Professionally seal and clean your own granite countertops.  It’s easy!”

Granite Sealer

Only $47.45


Granite Sealer MB-4 … The Pro’s Choice For Sealing Granite.

Beware of granite contractors or salespeople telling you to seal your granite countertops every 6 months or every year.  If that’s the case, you’re probably dealing with poor quality top coat sealers!  Properly sealed with impregnating sealer, your granite and other natural stone tops will be protected for 10 years or more!

You can seal granite countertops yourself with professional quality results using MB-4 Impregnator/Sealer from MB Stone Care.

As professional granite installers, we recommend MB-4.  We researched and tested several stone sealers before choosing MB-4 as the best.

MB-4 Impregnator/Sealer from MB Stone is your peace of mind that your stone countertop investment will be protected with the best performing granite sealer available.

Unlike poor quality silicon or siloxane based sealers that require re-application every year, MB-4 is a fluorocarbon alphatic resin sealer.  It will not evaporate or go through any type of natural deterioration.  MB-4 sealer for granite prevents liquids from being absorbed by all natural stones – marble, granite, travertine, and limestone and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Applied properly, this sealer will last 10 to 15 years and you don’t need to reapply before then.  Don’t trust your granite investment to anything else!

Granite Sealing Instructions With MB-4

granite cleaner

Only $14.45


Granite Cleaner MB-5

What you read about granite care can be misleading and vastly overstated.  Cleaning granite countertops should only be done with specialized cleaners, not Windex or ammonia and never plain soap and water.

MB-5 Marble, Granite and More Spray Cleaner from MB Stone is made specifically for daily cleaning of natural stone including granite countertops.  Effortlessly and effectively clean your stone countertops without leaving any streaks.  Safe to use on stainless fixtures and sinks as well.

You should clean your counters daily using a specialty product for stone, such as MB-5.  Use it full strength on the cooking and eating areas. Use it diluted in a proportion of 1:1 with water in lighter duty areas. This 32 Oz. bottle really goes far.

Note: We provide this to all our customers (along with MB-4 Granite Sealer) as part of a stone care kit when we install new countertops and when we show them how to clean granite.

Order one or two bottles today!

Granite Cleaning Instructions With MB-5

Countertop Care Kits

Granite Sealer & Cleaner

Granite countertop care kits are the most economical and continue to be the most popular choice.  Countertop care kits combine granite sealer, daily granite cleaner, and even soap scum remover.  Watch these short videos showing how to maintain your granite

How To Clean and Seal Granite

Watch this video to see how easy it is to clean and seal your granite tops.

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