Grant Corbels For Countertops

Grant Corbels For Countertops

Grant Countertop Support

$79.00 Each

Product: GR15B

Dimensions: 7.5″L x 10″H x 1.5″W (1/4″ thick steel)

Weight: 4.50 LBS

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Want an Industrial Bracket for existing countertops or shelves? 

heavy duty industrial Shelf Bracket

The Large Shelf Bracket by The Original Granite Bracket is the perfect choice.

Free floating shelves, floating bar-tops or even floating desks are supported by the Large Shelf Bracket.

This steel support bracket is the work horse of the brackets, giving the industrial style many customers desire. This bracket is made to handle the toughest jobs. Because of the vertical angles which are welded in place, this bracket is almost indestructible.

It is ideal for interior and exterior applications.


Hidden granite supports

Hide your supports and spare your knees. Check out the full line of hidden granite countertop supports.  Several styles and surprisingly affordable.

The Original Granite Bracket

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