UV-C Light Wand Kills Germs On Granite Countertops

Disinfect food preparation areas on granite

Can a UV-C light wand really disinfect granite tops and make your counters cleaner? Here’s how UV disinfecting works on granite countertops and on other hard to clean items.

Pass the ultraviolet light over any household surface to kill 99% of germs and keep your home healthy and clean.

UV Light is the easy way to destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, and even dust mites.  Stop the spread of infectious diseases, with a simple wave of the uvc light.

Disinfect granite tops, eliminate odors, clean hotel beds, and stop shoe odor … all with ultraviolet light.  Ultraviolet light disinfection has been used safely in hospitals, clinics and laboratories for more than 60 years.

Guidelines For Cleaning With UV-C Light

Mattresses, pillows, bedspreads: Vacuum first, then hold UV-C Light Wand 2 inches above surface and move the wand over 12″ sections for 20 seconds each.

Animal cages and bedding: same instructions as human bedding

Personal hygiene items: Hold UV-C light near toothbrushes, razors, combs, and other personal items for 10 seconds.

Bathroom toilet and sink: Hold light wand 2″ above surfaces and slowly move over entire surface for 20 seconds.

Kitchen items: Expose knives, utensils, cutting boards, and other cooking items closely for 10 seconds.

Household items that get touched by hands: computers, phones, doorknobs – hold wand at 2″ distance for 10 seconds.  Hold over garbage cans for 20 seconds.

Shoes: Once a week, expose shoes to light wand at close distance for 5 minutes to kill the germs that cause odors.  Also expose the soles of shoes which carry much of the bacteria into a home.

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I am very impressed with the effectiveness of the Germ Guardian 18″ wand. I didn’t give it 5 stars because it is a little back breaking to use if you are sanitizing a low area.  When I took it to a hotel on vacation, I used it in the shower and could smell it killing the who knows what that was there. My pet toys, beds, personal hygiene items, computer, cell…

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Sanitize Quartz Countertops Too!

Radon From Granite Countertops

Reports over the last several years have tried to show that radon from granite countertops can make you sick.

Much of this is misinformation spread by makers of man-made countertop material such as quartz countertops that compete with the natural stone countertop market.

Read the facts about radon in granite countertops.

Health & Personal Care Uses For UV light

 UV Light Toothbrush Sanitizer

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Rare Stone Tables

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